Our Process

How long does it take to complete the website development process?

To get started you can call or complete the website request form. Once you complete the form, we will contact you based on the information provided for our initial free consultation. After our initial meeting where we discuss your project, the design process is broken down into 3 design phases.

Phase I – This is the initial phase which requires the client to submit all the content they want to appear on the site. This includes all text, images, and policies to be displayed. Based on the initial consultation and the content, Graham Graphics will design 2 – 3 web site mock-ups for the client to choose from. The client must provide a written confirmation of the mock up design selected. After presenting our designs to you and receiving your feedback, we will make adjustments to your chosen design (if necessary).

Phase II – Once a design is selected, Graham Graphics will begin the process of converting the mock-up image to an actual web page.  The content provided by the client is used to create the remaining pages of the website.  The length of time it takes to go from design to completion varies widely depending on the size and complexity of the site, number of revisions, number of competing jobs, etc. We will give you our best estimate based on the information we have at that time and will keep you abreast of any changes to that schedule should they arise.  The completed files will be uploaded for review by the client.

Phase III – This stage signals the site is ready for production.  The client will test and review the site in detail on a beta or testing server and give the final approval.  Once approved, the final the website is actually launched and submitted to search engines for indexing.